We are WeScore

wescoresmallWe exist to make a significant financial difference for the middle class.

We own the technology behind the processes that we create, which means we can innovate in a way that others cannot. WeScore participates only in markets where we can make a profound contribution.

We believe in simple solutions. We believe in collaboration, social participation, and shared value.

We don’t settle for anything less than excellence in every area in the company.

We have the self-honesty to admit when we’re wrong and the courage to change.

We are committed to bringing financial opportunity back to students, recent graduates, educators, and those who create and serve.

What We Do

Simply put, the financial industry exists to serve a societal need. At its highest intention, it is an industry set up to improve people’s opportunities so that they are able to educate their children, retire at some time in the future, and maintain a respectable standard of living.

And yet, the financial industry continues to operate under self-serving rules. Absolute lack of transparency is common practice. A generation of industry leaders has built financial institutions to maximize their wealth and have deemed meritless any system of checks and balances. Financial products are often sold for gains at any cost, without any consideration of the long-term economic consequences.

This is why from our founding in 2012 to our upcoming launch in 2014 and beyond, we have committed ourselves to bringing about change. This is why we will publish media that informs and empowers consumers to make smart financial decisions. Everything we do will promote our values, build a community, and further the movement.  We will hire individuals by the quality of their work product – not the name of the school on their diploma. We will compensate our employees according to our principles – not our profits.

Finally, this is why we developed a completely unique process that will enforce a new standard of transparency, honesty, and integrity within the financial industry. The industry will now be incentivized to protect its consumers – not simply profit from them at any cost. Our unbiased review and rating of any and all financial choices will grant consumers the power to buy with confidence.

Our Culture

Our team is a group of intensely collaborative, comically competitive, and profoundly grateful individuals. We are driven by and thankful for a workplace where the mission is meaningful and the people are priority. At the center of it all is our group of interns who play a vital role in the marketing and development of the company. Below, meet these young bright minds from the University of Tennessee.

  • Lee

  • Samantha

  • Austin

  • Brandon

  • Chandler

  • Jake

  • John

  • Jordan

  • Kirby

  • Lyssa

  • Omar

  • Patrick

  • Tyler

  • Zach

 Work With US

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